May 27

Difficulties of getting work without speaking proper English

Roughly one hundred years back scores of well-informed folks gained an understanding of and conversed in French language when they came across folks from various countries. These days a good number of folks have a word in English when they convene with foreign persons. It has become the up-to-the-minute intercontinental verbal communication. Currently, there are more persons who talk in English as a second language in comparison to persons who articulate in English as a primary language.  Following is a list of numerous explanations as to why English has become so trendy:

  1. English has become the verbal communication of commerce.
  2. An additional significant cause is that admired American civilization such as American movies, melody, and junk food outlets have speedily extended right through the globe; it has transported the English language with it.
  3. Our planet has become very comprehensive and we have to exchange words with each other. Conversely, English is a reasonably intricate language to become skilled at.
  4. It’s vital to have a language that the inhabitants of the globe can share. Scientists have by now attempted to generate a simulated language that isn’t excessively complicated and doesn’t take in any one faction’s way of life. It is named Esperanto. Nevertheless, it hasn’t become all the rage.
  5. Perking up your proficiency at speaking English not only permits you to take proficient steps within your establishment, but also ascend further on to attain the competence which is the main piece of information that you can consider as a take-home message. The talent to be fluent in English assists you to perform well; subsequently, you can match up with the global connections.

english language

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Sep 02

Disobeying the Laws of the Land

henry david thoreau faire Henry David Thoreau wrote strong words backed by his beliefs to the people of the United States in his piece Civil Disobedience. Thoreau had the attitude of a man who longed for a laissez faire government. He wanted the country to disassociate themselves with the government that intrudes into the lives of the people. The kind of leaders that rule with the majority, only because it is the majority, not because the decisions made are the right and just, must be taken down from their power. Thoreau, if given the chance to discuss his beliefs on segregation, his opinion would drift against forced segregation, and in favor of voluntary segregation. If a person believes that he is making just choices, than he or she should be allowed to follow his own judgment without the government interfering.

Thoreau, in his paper on Civil Disobedience, discusses his feelings with the American government and their role in the citizen’s lives. He argues that the government is not useful when the use their power by ruling with the majority every time, but rather, it is better for society for each individual to act within their beliefs of the most legitimate viewpoint.

Considering these beliefs held by Thoreau, if he were to have a public opinion at the time in the United States period of segregation of schools in the United States, Thoreau would disapprove of forcing a group of people into a certain school, and not allowing them to attend another institution. This is a tough dilemma to configure for Thoreau; if a group of people believe it to be right for them to not allow a certain group of individuals into a school, one might think Thoreau, and, for the sake of the argument, the government, to side with the pro- segregation group, is the right idea. But when understanding Thoreau’s way of thinking, even if the majority of individuals are on the side of pro-segregation, that does not mean that is what everyone else should conform to.

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Aug 27


Some problems humans deal with has to do with brain chemistry, and they seem to just be wired differently than the average person. Maybe, truth is, all of us are wired differently than others. There are some truly chaotic people are capable of. Deviant people are sometimes those kind of people. An example of deviance has gotta be someone who is capable of killing another human being.

Murder is probably the most deviant things a human being can do, if deviance was quantifiable. There are particularly two different kinds of murder. Impulsive, and premeditated. According to Erin Spain of Northwestern University, Impulsive murderers usually are more mentally unstable, possibly due to rage, while premeditated murders differ psychologically and intellectually. But both types of people usually will have some intent behind their actions.

 murder ol timey

There are some different theories that could explain what is causing someone to kill another person.

Rational Choice Theory – An impulsive murderer may become filled with anger towards another person and burst and kill them without thinking everything through. A rational choice may not have been made, but an irrational choice may have. But a premeditated murderer definitely is weighing the costs and benefits to committing this act. Premeditated means they have had the opportune time to consider their actions, and feel they should still go through with it. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 21

How to Handle Arguments

In every culture, in every family, with any friend, some form of argument occurs usually on a daily cycle. Argument has picked up a bad rap over the last years, and something tells me it’s because people do not know how to understand arguments, and realize that they can be improved in almost every scenario.

Long ago, before the current age we are in, over 2,000 years ago, before people spent their lives crazed worshiping and fighting over menial concepts, there were some crowds of people who were very intellectual beings. Particularly, Greek philosophers have kind of shaped human culture, and again, this was over 2,000 years ago. There were many people who were very interested in the concept of communication, psychology, and their place in society. This was, and still is today somewhat a difficult concept to handle. Aristotle, in particular, was very interested in rhetoric, which is almost an unknown, but most people would know portray the idea of rhetoric to an argument. Aristotle believed that properly using rhetoric will create peaceful conclusions to disagreements, and truly helped influence people by using some sort of verbal judo to get get their idea across. People like Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare, among many powerful figureheads today certainly know how to use rhetoric. aristotle rhetoric

I started to become interested in rhetoric when  I was working on my communication skills. I had always believe in getting better at any skill set that you have, and also adding on new skills to my tool belt. In search of some guidance, I attended a conference in the Bay area hosted by a very famous public speaker. He discussed handling disagreements by considering three independent issues, blame, value, choice. This was actually something continually considered by the Greeks, and particularly Aristotle in the process of discovering the power of rhetoric. Following a speaking session, I got into a deep conversation with another attendee at the conference. He was a local business owner in Oakland, CA, His stated reason there was to learn how to use verbal judo to get out of tense situations with customers. He explained to me the biggest concept he learned about customer service, and arguments in general, was by simply changing the tense of the discussion. Simply, by changing the tense to a future tense rather than a past and present tense, his days and conversations were much easier, and he rarely ever was in an argument with a customer while he was in communication for him. This was the biggest thing I learned from the conference, and went out to test out this new verbal judo.

rhetoric conference

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Aug 17

Connecting With Others

Over years and years of your lifetime, if you are actively thinking, hopefully you are learning along the way. Part of what makes living in a social society so special, is creating friendships with others. Having a connection with another person in a sea of billions of people can be very special. Not everyone is capable of making solid friendships that occur when two people generally like being in each other’s company. Some people can go through their lifetime never really knowing what’s its like to truly have a friend that you can trust, and fully confide ideas into one another.

What are your goals while you live your life? Do you want to be a well liked person by those who shared in your life? If you think so, then you simply want to go out there and try to make as many friends as you can get. The more people’s who’s lives you can effect on this planet, the more significantly you will leave a presence on this Earth and be remembered.

creating a friendship

One of the most significant ways to at least get people interested in becoming your friend, is simply by you being interested in other people. Dale Carnegie once said in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People  that”You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

When I was in Oakland attending a friend’s wedding for the weekend, I came across a total net worker. He was one of those guys that you just knew you would remember. His persona, and genuine eye contact and interest in our conversation really made him stand out from the crowd in my mind. He was just a simple business owner on the outside, but he certainly was not a simple kind of man. This was one of those people who seemed to be able to forge a relationship with anyone that he talked too. And it wasn’t like he was living the most interesting life, but it was just the bubbly way he carried himself in the presence of company.

There are a certain set of attributes that can cause a person to make a connection with another and forge a friendship, and it does not really matter who you are talking to. It could be homeless person on the street or a professional athlete. Here are some ways that you can make this happen:

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Aug 12

Perspectives of Psychology

When communicating with people, there is so much that goes into account during every conversation, that the hidden factors on what is driving that conversation, and the thought processes of those conversations are hardly talked about. Here is a little bit of what I learned regarding the cognitive functions and sociocultural psychological factors.

I am gaining much more of an insight on types of science (or philosophy) that, those in the field of Psychology approach. After reading and understanding what each type of psychological perspective represented, I decided to research a little more in depth into a few of these fields to gain a broader knowledge of the perspectives. I am finding myself to be hoping to learn more about cognitive and sociocultural research in psychology.

The cognitive perspective of psychology is one of the more modern approaches. Emphasizing thinking, perceiving, and information processing, cognitive psychology before the common era by the philosopher Plato, information processing taking place in the brain was at the forefront for the theories on why humans make the decisions they do. Recalling memories from your past, how you perceive the message of a film, and when you try to solve a problem are all instances that a cognitive researcher would be interested in.

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Jul 15

Communication Skills in the Real World

Developing communication skills are essentially important for anyone to succeed in just about anything they do in life. Being able to easily talk to a fellow human being makes life a hell of a whole lot easier. Just simple things necessary like buying something from somebody else, asking for directions on the street, or a way just to get out of boredom by striking up a conversation with a random stranger.

keys to communication

Communication also helps with anxiety. If you go through an entire without talking to anyone, and it is just you alone with your thoughts, it could really wear you down. People start to get the feeling of “cabin fever,” even if they are out and about but go without talking to a single person. There are certain number of communication skills that are essential to develop, and if you are looking to make some money in this world, it goes without saying that you have to end up talking to people.

communication is key

Whether you work with a bunch of employees at a company, doing service based business for clients, or maybe you set up a website, there is always forms of communication that you will need to take with other people to have some level of success. When I started to enter the business world, my first step began as working as service rep for I learned quickly off the bat that communication with the customers was absolutely essential to getting positive reviews and building a positive representation for the company. I have seen many reviews of companies around the web where somebody complains that “communication was poor,” of “the company did not thoroughly communicate with me what was going on.” Reviews like these are disappointing because it is something that is easily fixable. If people were able to grasp that by changing a few simple things about their demeanor can make a world of difference in the business world. I will happily explain a couple things that you can do to make a positive change in your communication skills.

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Jul 15

A Change in Communication

As we know the face of the earth and technology is constantly evolving. Change and innovation are inevitable. Without technology it would be very hard for most of the world to properly run. Imagine the day when Internet or cell phones is extinct. Pretty crazy day, right? It’s not an uncommon thought though. Who knows? There may be something even bigger and better than Internet and cellphones to emerge. Only time will tell. What is changing is humans social communication. Smart phones have taken over the world. In today’s day and age young kids are growing up with smart phones in front of them. My biggest fear isn’t that cell phones are bad, but rather social skills will be greatly impacted forever. My parents were not growing up with smart phones, playing games or constantly texting. Human interaction is becoming less and less a big deal.
Before I keep diving into this, I wanted to drop this link in, it talks about how to act with a smartphone. Called Smartphone Etiquette people!
Child Communication

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Jul 13

Our First Conversation

Welcome to the all important world of social interaction.

Communication among all of us people are the building blocks for the reasons behind the progression of our social societies.kid talk

Humans are naturally social creatures. By developing verbal language among the early growing chapters of the hominid species. Our great ancestors brains grew so quickly do in part because of their abilities to teach one another through the use of human language. Think right now. Alright, were your rights due to the use of language? Exactly my point,  due to peoples ability to explain things to one another, we develop the ability to speak, and, during this development, or brains learn how to communicate with your inner thoughts which is nearly always through the use of verbal communication. All of the learning you do through the useful trait many of us have called “reading,” which is the act of understanding symbols on a piece of paper, and incorporating them into useful images that you can create that mean something to you.  Reading is what you are doing now. Reading is due to another human communicating something to you.

Most paths of learning come from communication by other humans. Learning comes from communication. Brain power, brain growth, and intellectual abilities come from communication by fellow people. Without harnessing or social abilities, there would be no brain development and the brain would have a tough time integrating the host into a functioning member of society.

group conversation

Our goal as a blog is to empower the common person to use their given social abilities. While you may feel awkward, or hesitant at first to start conversations and hold them with people, as you practice, it will get easier. Just like anything in life, repetition causes improvement. For example, just take an artist. When the artist is young and beginning his art journey, he is a little sloppy. His brush strokes are not very defined, and maybe the project just appears to be a little rushed. But, as he grows and learns from his mistakes through trial and error, after some time passes by practicing, his form begins to improve and his painting appear much better to viewers. Read the rest of this entry »