Jul 15

A Change in Communication

As we know the face of the earth and technology is constantly evolving. Change and innovation are inevitable. Without technology it would be very hard for most of the world to properly run. Imagine the day when Internet or cell phones is extinct. Pretty crazy day, right? It’s not an uncommon thought though. Who knows? There may be something even bigger and better than Internet and cellphones to emerge. Only time will tell. What is changing is humans social communication. Smart phones have taken over the world. In today’s day and age young kids are growing up with smart phones in front of them. My biggest fear isn’t that cell phones are bad, but rather social skills will be greatly impacted forever. My parents were not growing up with smart phones, playing games or constantly texting. Human interaction is becoming less and less a big deal.
Before I keep diving into this, I wanted to drop this link in, it talks about how to act with a smartphone. Called Smartphone Etiquette people! www.networketiquette.net/smartphone/smartphonerules.html
Child Communication

It’s fascinating to visit countries in Europe. If you travel to any country in Europe you will notice how no one is taking smart phones too seriously. Many people like to stay active in Europe, playing or being outside. They cherish human relationships more than Americans. You can say they live there lives more than us. It’s sad to admit that as an American, but it’s the truth. Young children all across Europe are actively playing outside, whether it’s soccer or basketball. It is inconceivable to see kids get addicted to there phones or video games.
 cellular communication
Many believe people can easily get addicted to video games like drugs. It is hard to imagine a time where people get consumed by technology. Europeans value quality over the next tweet. Europeans see the beauty in nature. Everyone in the US is too stuck up to see why technological addiction is just as bad as drugs. Of course, people aren’t taking in chemicals to their brain but social media addiction symptoms are just as bad. As months and years go by people become more and more afraid of in person socializing. Dependence on technology is made throughout time and a tolerance is born. Any time your dependent on something you set yourself up for failure.
My biggest fear with technology in the future is virtual reality addiction. If you haven’t heard of virtual reality let me tell you, it will take over the world. It is quite simply the most powerful technology creeping into our lives. Currently virtual reality headsets are too expensive for the common person to buy. Some phone companies have already mixed a smart phone with a virtual reality headset to create a masterpiece or a death sentence? When the price of virtual reality technology drops, which will happen over time, everyone will consume the product and get addicted. What would happen if virtual reality technology does not work some day with addicts? Let us think. That would be the end of civilization. Ask yourself, if internet was gone tomorrow would you survive? Everyone will say no. It’s no big secret, technology is taking storm. VR allows people to put on goggles and be inside of an experience. For example, imagine being inside of a movie rather than watching it. It may seem like a good idea, but can be catastrophic. People need to wake up in today’s time. Allow time to separate and rest. Tolerance breaks for internet, social media, and video games is widely recommended.
 VR Communication

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