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  1. Difficulties of getting work without speaking proper English — 27/05/2017
  2. Disobeying the Laws of the Land — 02/09/2016
  3. Deviance — 27/08/2016
  4. How to Handle Arguments — 21/08/2016
  5. Connecting With Others — 17/08/2016

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May 27

Difficulties of getting work without speaking proper English


Roughly one hundred years back scores of well-informed folks gained an understanding of and conversed in French language when they came across folks from various countries. These days a good number of folks have a word in English when they convene with foreign persons. It has become the up-to-the-minute intercontinental verbal communication. Currently, there are …

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Sep 02

Disobeying the Laws of the Land

Henry David Thoreau wrote strong words backed by his beliefs to the people of the United States in his piece Civil Disobedience. Thoreau had the attitude of a man who longed for a laissez faire government. He wanted the country to disassociate themselves with the government that intrudes into the lives of the people. The kind of leaders that …

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Aug 27



Some problems humans deal with has to do with brain chemistry, and they seem to just be wired differently than the average person. Maybe, truth is, all of us are wired differently than others. There are some truly chaotic people are capable of. Deviant people are sometimes those kind of people. An example of deviance …

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Aug 21

How to Handle Arguments

rhetoric conference

In every culture, in every family, with any friend, some form of argument occurs usually on a daily cycle. Argument has picked up a bad rap over the last years, and something tells me it’s because people do not know how to understand arguments, and realize that they can be improved in almost every scenario. …

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Aug 17

Connecting With Others

longtime friends

Over years and years of your lifetime, if you are actively thinking, hopefully you are learning along the way. Part of what makes living in a social society so special, is creating friendships with others. Having a connection with another person in a sea of billions of people can be very special. Not everyone is …

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Aug 12

Perspectives of Psychology

cognitive psychology

When communicating with people, there is so much that goes into account during every conversation, that the hidden factors on what is driving that conversation, and the thought processes of those conversations are hardly talked about. Here is a little bit of what I learned regarding the cognitive functions and sociocultural psychological factors. I am …

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Jul 15

Communication Skills in the Real World

Developing communication skills are essentially important for anyone to succeed in just about anything they do in life. Being able to easily talk to a fellow human being makes life a hell of a whole lot easier. Just simple things necessary like buying something from somebody else, asking for directions on the street, or a …

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Jul 15

A Change in Communication

As we know the face of the earth and technology is constantly evolving. Change and innovation are inevitable. Without technology it would be very hard for most of the world to properly run. Imagine the day when Internet or cell phones is extinct. Pretty crazy day, right? It’s not an uncommon thought though. Who knows? …

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Jul 13

Our First Conversation

kid talk

Welcome to the all important world of social interaction. Communication among all of us people are the building blocks for the reasons behind the progression of our social societies. Humans are naturally social creatures. By developing verbal language among the early growing chapters of the hominid species. Our great ancestors brains grew so quickly do …

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