Jul 15

Communication Skills in the Real World

Developing communication skills are essentially important for anyone to succeed in just about anything they do in life. Being able to easily talk to a fellow human being makes life a hell of a whole lot easier. Just simple things necessary like buying something from somebody else, asking for directions on the street, or a way just to get out of boredom by striking up a conversation with a random stranger.

keys to communication

Communication also helps with anxiety. If you go through an entire without talking to anyone, and it is just you alone with your thoughts, it could really wear you down. People start to get the feeling of “cabin fever,” even if they are out and about but go without talking to a single person. There are certain number of communication skills that are essential to develop, and if you are looking to make some money in this world, it goes without saying that you have to end up talking to people.

communication is key

Whether you work with a bunch of employees at a company, doing service based business for clients, or maybe you set up a website, there is always forms of communication that you will need to take with other people to have some level of success. When I started to enter the business world, my first step began as working as service rep for http://www.poolserviceswalnutcreek.com. I learned quickly off the bat that communication with the customers was absolutely essential to getting positive reviews and building a positive representation for the company. I have seen many reviews of companies around the web where somebody complains that “communication was poor,” of “the company did not thoroughly communicate with me what was going on.” Reviews like these are disappointing because it is something that is easily fixable. If people were able to grasp that by changing a few simple things about their demeanor can make a world of difference in the business world. I will happily explain a couple things that you can do to make a positive change in your communication skills.

  1. Talk with some enthusiasm whenever possible. Happiness radiates from people. When speaking in an uplifted tone to someone, people are able to tell that the person cares enough to communicate in a positive manner that would essentially feed off of them unto the person they are speaking with and those around. Those of you that speak in a monotone, nobody is really excited to speak to you unless you always have something great to say.communication keys
  2. Posture is very important. Bring that back straight, keep that chin high, and look like you are comfortable. By keeping a professional posture in front of people, you form the impression in other people’s minds that you are up and ready to interact. If you slouch, you begin to look like you are not happy to be anywhere or strike others as a lazy person. Chin High, Back Straight!
  3. Eye Contact. Whenever possible, maintain eye contact with other people when communicating with them. In most first world countries, eye contact is a sign of respect and it shows that you are not fearful of maintaining looking at someone in the eyes while you speak. People are also able to be able to tell and read your emotions by looking into your eyes as well as you begin to be able to read other people’s emotions by looking into theirs.
  4. Speak slowly. Some of us are not always happy to be talking and sometimes it can be nerve wracking. By speaking slowly, you are more likely able to think for a longer period about the next words that you want to come out of your mouth, which would prevent you from stumbling over your words or dropping some “uh’s” and “um’s.”
  5. Practice. The most important thing to leave you with in the world of communication is that you have to practice to get better. I could make a hundred comparisons on what you get out of practicing skills sets, but I think if you go into my other posts, you will understand my feelings about practice more. Practice makes perfect, or at least near perfect. Practice makes you at the very least, better than you were before. The more you practice communicating with others, the more you will be able to pick up on how conversation works with certain types of people.

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